Well what a second week that was with Eddie Cross following up his terrible 1st week with an equally abissmal 2nd week.  He had 1 selection correct in week 1 and 1 selection correct in week 2 but fortunately for Cross that 2nd week was a 10 pointer!!!! Although a behind the scenes insight Cross originally had the Bills in for his 10 pointer and only for the interjection from Ace Clany that would have been a DUCK EGG.  Other notables Paul O Reilly decided on his double week and Chris and Sean O Connor only got 2 selections correct.  Not a great week for the O Connor brothers maybe its that Florida sun or Thunderstorms!!!!

I on the other hand won 8 out of my 15 star selections (53.3%) which is phenomenal and ended the week with 15 points which isnt bad considering i gave away my 10 pointer on Thursday night. I stand now at 66% win rate for the season for my star selections which is a winning formula.  In the Focus vs JP fiasco Focus increased his portfolio to €231 as JP wants to give me a €500 head start (well his words!!!!!!) Well that wont be 2 long as a perfect week is on the cards for Focus. Is anyone going to Join Focus and Sean in the “Perfect Week” Club?? can anyone take a ring away from Focus?? is there a competitor good enough to take Focus on????  This is like an old Batman episode well Tune in next week and see if the Joker (JP) or Robin(that guy Greg) can foil the BAT. BOOM……………BAM………………KASSAMM…………..Hard luck JP in advance of this week AGAIN

I dont count the divisions yet as Greg is STILL top if you do that which is hilarious.  Also i still stand over my picks even the losing ones as the Texans lost by 3, the saints lost by 5.  The Patriots on the other hand was a bad pick on my part as the Patriots were in a bad spot to compete against the best Defense in the League.

Anyway enough of my bad luck from week 2 lets look forward to week 3.  I know you all are logging on to see the next batch of Sunday Star Selections to make money from me and as always YOU ARE WELCOME!!


Green Bay Packers (1-0-1) at Washington Redskins (1-1)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Packers away to the Redskins. This is the easiest pick of the week as the Packers have the superior team and the most important position the quarter back.  Ive have always said give me an elite QB with a small spread every day of the week and twice on Sunday.  This spread is 3……….THREE get the f**k outta here. Im not getting it as the Redskins have looked pedestrian in both there games and are lucky to be 1& 1.  Put it this way i have a divisional winner vs a bottom side of there respective division and the spread is 3.  A……A……RON maybe be injured and is probably going to play at 75% but i would take a 75% fit Rodgers over 28 other QB’s in the League. OK you guys work out who im talking about there. The only scoreline i could possibly lose on is a back door cover in the 4th quarter with a nothing touchdown scored with time running out.  Im hoping that this is not the case and do see the packers winning by double digits.

Running the ball for both teams is not going to be successful as both stop units VS the run are phenomenal.  Look for the game to be decided by the QB’s so therefore who is your money on.  To be honest i would take the packers -7 today but im thankfully getting the extra few points is fine.

Packers win 31-19


Los Angeles Chargers (1-1) at Los Angeles Rams (2-0)

My 4 star selection is the Chargers away to the Rams.  The Rams basically did whatever they wanted to do offensively last week, picking up where they left off in the second half of the season opener. They look like a battering Ram no pun intended!!!, which is why the spread has been inflated for them.  Is it fully justified though? That’s what we need to analyse, and I would say no. The Rams have battled two teams with bottom-five NFL defenses. They haven’t been challenged on this side of the ball yet, and that’s something the Chargers will do as they have a phenomenal stop unit.  The chargers on the other hand have battled against the Chiefs who are a potential Superbowl visitor this year.  They have also defended against 2 phenomenal rushers in there opening 2 games and kept them very quiet (25 carries for 88 yards) .  The Rams on paper…….ok lets be honest and on the field are very good but they do have some glaring gaps in there defense which a seasoned, experienced semi elite QB will be able to exploit which is the linebacker position and tracking the receiver coming out of the backfield.  Look for Keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon to have huge days and put up big numbers vs the Rams.

I think the Chargers win this game on the flat and if not we are asking Rivers to keep the game within 6.  Also looking ahead the Vikings have to play in 4 days and against a potentially NFC championship matchup so could be guilty of the look ahead scenario

Chargers win 31-27

Denver Broncos (2-0) at Baltimore Ravens (1-1)


My 3 star selection is the Broncos away to the Ravens.  Is it just me or is this spread way to high i mean i have this game as a field goal fest and yet the spread is 5.5 WHAT.  I definetly taking the points in this game as i give the Broncos a very good chance of winning the game on the flat and yet we are getting 5.5 points…………WHAT……..5.5points WHAT!!!!! This is going to be a war of attrition and which defense will hold out the longest well i have the best defensive player in football getting points in Von Miller who will be all over Flacco and adding to his sack count of 4 for the season already. I like Case Keenum and have been rediculling the Vikings for releasing him and i know he is finding his feet.  Simply put i currently have these teams at about even and with Mosley out of the game and positive points for the Broncos i think they are the obvious choice.

This will be a close field goal game either wayand very low scoring

Broncos win 16-13

Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) at Carolina Panthers (1-1

My 2 star selection is the Panthes at home vs the Bengals.  I have always like Cam Newton and in todays game is the ultimate QB. Big, Strong, good arm, great as a scrambler and hes not wreckless with the Ball. The Bengals will still be without there best player in Vontaze Burfict and although the Bengals have not really missed him as the opposition have not been up to scratch…………….it will be costly vs Cam and the Boys.  Again im getting a home team with an elite QB at a number of -3.  I have looked at offense vs defense for both, scoring potential on both offenses, the dominant defense and the influence of the special teams and in all the categories the Panthers come out on top. Look for Cam to get a TD duringthe game maybe even 2.He is 9/5 for 1 and 14/1 to score 2 TD’s.  Im liking the Panthers and have played this game out with potential scenarios and im struggling to give the Bengals the win or even keep it close.  Andy Dalton will bottle it and the panthers will win by 2 scores
I see the Panthers winning by 10 and playing out the game in the fourth quarter up by this number.
Panthers win  27-17

New England Patriots (1-1) at Detroit Lions (0-2)

Last but by no means least my 1 star selection is the Patriots away to the Lions.  Unfortunately for the Lions you have Brady in F–You mode and himself and Bellichek dont lose twice in a row.  To make it sweeter there up against the worst team from the NFC North well thats how Focus sees it.  This could be an embarrassing event at home for the Lions as i see the Patriots scoring and scoring and scoring and scoring and scoring and scoring and scoring and scoring and finish of the Lions and push them to 0 & 3.  The Patriots are intimidating as they are and now they have landed 2 very influencial recievers in Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman and i can see Brady getting the ball to anyone he wants whenever he wants and as many times as he want.  Im going out on the limb here to say that the Patriots will win by 30 points.  Infact i looked through some old records and the Lions including Matt Stafford when a 6 point underdog have only covered once and with them being absolutely usless this year they will be behind by 15 in the first half and gone by the 3rd quarter.  Usually i would be worried about a back door cover but not in this matchup.

Patriots win 44-14


I think the Bucs are another good selection, the niners, the Hawks, the Dolphins and the Browns.  Also the Bears will dominate the Cardinals.  I see myself having another good week and am predicting 15 out of 15 stars to increase my winning percentage from 66% to 83%  I might even change the Pats to 10 points and panthers to 8. Game day decision anyway i have the following teams all covering the spreads in a huge accumulator

Patriots -6, Packers-3, Chargers +6.5, Panthers -3, Hawks -1, Bears -6, Bucs, Dolphins -3, Eagles -6, 49ers +6.5, Saints +3

As always YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WEEK 5 RECAP:  Well Focus did it again beating Chris in the process at the H2H!!! Focus nails 3 of his 5 no. star selections and comfortably i might add with those 3. Eagles win easily, Packers bounce back with a great come back and never once in the Jags game were they not covering the spread and won the game straight up. 60% right on the star selections for this week bringing my season average to 70.3………Phenomenal absolutely phenomenal. Other notables: Sean had a good week scoring 32 points (Decided not to bet Focus this week….good call!!!)  Eddie Cross and JP McCann record good weeks and everyone else well, well nuff said!!!.  Theres a lot of shit talk on whats app this week and i am releasing my bet of the season. I bet that Ace views an NFL game in Oslo before Ross gets to Bardons!!!!!!!!

Anyway your all reading and tuning in to get the star selections for this week so you can make some money and with my record why wouldnt you. Lets get straight to it.


Green Bay Packers (4-1) at Minnesota Vikings (3-2)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Packers away against one of the worst teams in the league the Vikings and yeah unbelievably the spread is only -3 to the visitor.  This makes absolutely no sense this week:  i mean the vikings struggled against the bears last week how are they going to cope with A….Aron: Answer they simply will not be able to contend this matchup with this superior opponent.  The packers are a real contender for the Superbow while the Vikings are fighting the bears to stay off bottom of the division. Put it this way if the Packers were -7.5 i would still take them!! This is going to be embarrasing for the home team.  The one bright spark from the Vikings this year well 2 is Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs but guess what Stefon is out and the coach looks like he is starting with the injured Sam Bradford again who had -1 yard of offense last week and went into the half 3-2 AGAINST THE BEARS!!!!!

Packers win 27-13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2) at Arizona Cardinals (2-3)

My 4 star selection is the Bucs away to the Cardinals.  I thought it might be possible that this would be my top play of the week but the Packers are so appealing at the moment. The Bucs are -2  which I think is absurd. I had them at -6 or even 7, meaning the spread is way off.  Fortunately, the Buccaneers are still only favored by two. That’s not nearly enough, however. I still have this spread at Buccaneers -7, and I think I might even be too low.  The Cardinals are one of the worst teams in the NFL. They can’t block, run the ball, throw deep, or stop the pass. Their quarterback is falling apart, while their head coach hasn’t been the same since his unfortunate illness. The Buccaneers, on the other hand, are a solid team. They’re seeking revenge and should be able to win this game quite easily. Plus, think about this spread this way: Had Tampa Bay not missed field goals and beat the Patriots on national TV last Thursday, what would this line be? Probably -7 or even -8, right?  Not only is there a colossal mismatch in talent that the spread doesn’t reflect appropriately, but the Buccaneers are coming off extra rest. They’ve had to think about their loss to the Patriots for a while, so they’ll come out angry.

Bucs win comfortably 33-16

Chicago Bears (1-4) at Baltimore Ravens (3-2)

My 3 star selection is on the bears +7 or even better way to put it its against the Ravens. Yes i am beratting the Bears in previous posts but defensivley there solid and will cause Flacco and Co a lot of problems.  This will be a field goal and punt fest tonight.  The QB for the bears Trubisky is growing with confidence every week and getting better. The Ravens on the other hand have been gifted there 3 victories this year and are no way a team that can give 7 points. That puts them on par with the Patriots, Falcons and Broncos……REALLY REALLY.  They are simply not that good and also the injuries seem to benefit the bears this week, Brandon Williams is indeed out, so Chicago will be able to establish the run. Also, Jimmy Smith will play, but it doesn’t sound as though he’s 100 percent. Smith is Baltimore’s top corner by a mile, so if he’s less effective, it’ll certainly help Mitchell Trubisky in his 2nd start who when played has not been beaten by the spread.  Now that there starting with Trubisky and have benched glennon this could be the upset of the week.

Bears win 20-16 UPSET OF THE WEEK!!!!!!

Los Angeles Rams (3-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2)
My 2 star selection this week is the LA Rams at the Jags.  Yes the Jags won in a blowout last week and the Rams lost to the Seahawks but if you watched both games one was a gift and the other was just plain lucky…ill let you guys figure which is which if you can but heres a clue there was a QB with 5 interceptions last week for the first time in his career including college!!!!! The Rams are the Superior team and how is Blake Bortles a favoured QB??????? I mean he could be the QB that throws a bunch of picks this week. He is not an elite QB by a long stretch.  The Jags were 32nd in Rush defense so Todd Gurley should have a big game which will open up the pass option for Jared Goff who is having a great season. Both of these teams are 3&2 but one is defenitely superior THE RAMS!!!!!!
Rams win 31-19

Miami Dolphins (2-2) at Atlanta Falcons (3-1)

Last but by no means least my 1 star selection is the Falcons at home vs the woeful Dolphins.  An 11-point spread might seem high for some, but I don’t think it’s high enough. The Dolphins are an abomination, as they can’t block whatsoever. The Falcons, meanwhile, will be getting back their significant players back from injury. Not only that, but they’ve had an entire week to think about their loss to Buffalo. Last year, Atlanta beat Arizona, 38-19, off its bye. I think the Falcons will treat the woeful Dolphins similarly.  I’ll be surprised if Miami is remotely competitive in this game.   Falcons win 35-13


Other notables are the niners to cover with the 10, Patriots to put the Jets away and the Giants.  I dont see the Giants getting to double figures this week well unless they score a defensive touchdown but i dont see the Broncos giving that sort of play up. This spread is exactly were it should be and reckon the Broncos win 20-6.  These selections are a no bet for me because the spreads are exactly were they should be giving no edge

4 Team Accum Patriots, Packers, Falcons and Bucs.  All to win by double figures and €300 returns over €1,200

Focus Tip of the week

Week 1 of the NFL is out of the way and along with it the surprise uncertainties surrounding a few teams. It was a successful week for me and I know you are not going to ignore Focus’ picks so I take it you were all onboard and made  stacks.

Getting 26 points and joint top in the NFL ATS 2018 championship and odds on to become 4 time NFL ATS champion.

NFL ATS 2018 Champ