Well what a third week that was with Focus, Sean O Connor (Number 4) and Chris “Git” “Killo” O Connor in Miami for arguably 2 of the best games of the week (Dolphins vs Raiders and Steelers vs Bucs).  Nice few bets coming through with the Dolphins and the over.  unfortunately for Chris he was all over the very dissapointing Raiders who couldnt finish a sentence!!!!!!!

Sean with the picture in the stadium. That pretty person in the middle is MMEEEEE

Horrible week for some with Furlong getting 1 point, number 4 getting 6 points, Just Pay with 7, Sean Newcombe with 8 and both Clancy’s with 10……..do these guys realise that Focus beat all of them with 1 pick the mighty Dolphins!! Speaking of the Dolphins they saved Ciaran from a Duck Egg.  I thought Greg did pretty well with 14 points well its good for him. Personally i had 18 points which was good considering all the bad luck i had with some of my picks, Chargers with 3 opportunities for a back door score and a back door cover for 5 points and the same goes for my 8 pointer in the Bucs who had the ball at the 5 yard line 3 times and got field goal, field goal, Fumble.  If any of these go in for a TD the Bucs cover and win.  Financially it worked out for Focus again as he picked up another 100+ euro from Just Pay as he lost most of his picks and gave more euros to Focus.  At the moment Focus is 3-0 and JP is 0-3.  Balance stands at €332.50 and at this rate we…. I will be into 4 figures in no time.

Anyway enough of my bad luck from week 3 lets look forward to week 4.  I know you all are logging on to see the next batch of Sunday Star Selections to make money from me and as always YOU ARE WELCOME!!


Baltimore Ravens (2-1)
at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1-1)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Ravens away to the Steelers. Well its time to start using statistics to support my picks now as instincts are never enough. These NFC North battles are normally won by the defense……yes big Ben and Flacco can score with there respective offenses as seen over the first 3 weeks but this game is going to be won by the defense of one of the teams and lets be clear about this: i believe the spread is favoured in the wrong direction YES YES YES this should be Ravens minus 4 and do you know what i would still take them at that.  In relation to the defense deciding the game lets look at the comparason alalysis that i have done

Total Yards Per Game Allowed:                        Ravens 273 
                                                                                Steelers 410.3


Passing Yards Per Game Allowed:                  Ravens 169.3                                                         
                                                                               Steelers 288
Rush Yards Per Game Allowed:                      Ravens 103.7                                                        
                                                                               Steelers 122.3
Points Per Game Allowed:                               Ravens 17                                                      
                                                                              Steelers  30
Third Down Conversion % Allowed:             Ravens 31                                                       
                                                                             Steelers 31.2

In Summary the Ravens are the better defense in every category EVERY SINGLE ONE and yet there getting points.  The Steelers allow more rush and pass yard, allow more points per game and statistically allow more 3rd down conversions.  In addition looking at NFL.com C.J. Mosley practiced both Wednesday and Thursday and It sounds like he’s going to play, which is huge. On a normal day i would be backing the Ravens on the flat with the current defense and on top of everything the best Linebacker in the league is returning to the line up.  Finally with being able to use the statistical information available on NFL.com i see the Ravens winning on the flat in a season ending performance by the steelers. Ravens take control of the division today.

Ravens win 31-21


Seattle Seahawks (1-2) at Arizona Cardinals (0-3)

My 4 star selection is the hawks away to the Cardinals.  In the battle of the birds there is only one that will be flying high after tonight as the Cardinals 2018 season is sealed with an embarrasing loss at home to the Hawks. OK to be honest both of these teams are pedestrian to say the least however the Hawks were somewhat competent last week vs a good Cowboys team and won by 11.  The Cardinals on the other hand have been terrible and deserve to be 0&3.  The big difference in this matchup is the QB position and with Wilson being so elusive and Bradford being so CRAP.  Yes there not great teams and maybe there are better games out there but after my indepth analysis of the offensive and defensive comparison i have to put these guys in as my 4 star selection and below details it quite clearly.


Total Yards Per Game Allowed:                        Seattle Seahawks 348
                                                                                Arizona Cardinals 392.3
Passing Yards Per Game Allowed:                  Seattle Seahawks 215                                                         
                                                                               Arizona Cardinals 261
Rush Yards Per Game Allowed:                      Seattle Seahawks 132                                                       
                                                                               Arizona Cardinals 131
Points Per Game Allowed:                               Seattle Seahawks 21                                                    
                                                                              Arizona Cardinals 25
Third Down Conversion % Allowed:             Seattle Seahawks 32                                                       
                                                                             Arizona Cardinals 45


 Total Yards Per Game:                                    Seattle Seahawks 292
                                                                             Arizona Cardinals 190


Passing Yards Per Game:                                Seattle Seahawks 208
                                                                             Arizona Cardinals 132


Rush Yards Per Game:                                    Seattle Seahawks 84
                                                                            Arizona Cardinals 58


Points Per Game:                                             Seattle Seahawks 22
                                                                            Arizona Cardinals 6.7


Third Down Conversion %:                            Seattle Seahawks 34
                                                                            Arizona Cardinals 23

  • Again in Summary this is a no brainer as defensively the Hawks allow less pass and Rush yards, allow less points and third down conversions and will win in a dominating performance.  If it was only a defensive comparison favourable for the Hawks i would bet them. WELL the offensive comparison is more attractive for the hawks as they gain more than 100 yards per game than the Cardinals and amazingly score 16 points per game more>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>16

Another easy pick guys as i have the hawks winning by 20+ points

Hawks win 34-13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) at Chicago Bears (2-1)

My 3 star selection is the bears at home to the Bucs.  I was in Tampa Bay last week and although they scored 27 points vs a poor Steeler team the scoreline was a little inflated as the steerles were up by 20 in the first half and effectively played out the game. Was it close, maybe but i was there and it seemed as though the BUCS couldnt finish it off vs a really poor defensive team and now this week there up against arguably the best defense in the league in the Bears. I’m not sure if Trubisky can do it, but he has a good chance to play well in this game. Tampa’s pass defense is atrocious, so that bodes well for the Bears. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers have assembled a 2-1 record via smoke and mirrors. They’ve been in two favorable situations to start the year, and it was no fluke that a mediocre Pittsburgh squad had a 30-10 lead at halftime in Tampa. That was the beginning of the end for the Buccaneers. The house of cards is crashing down, as the spectre of Jameis Winston looms over Fitzpatrick.

And yet, this spread is three. I don’t understand why. I think Chicago should be favored by 5.5 at the very least, and I think that might even be a low estimate. I think if we look back in 10 weeks, we might all agree that this line should’ve been -6.5 or higher.  I can see a lot of you getting trapped in this game as the smoke is still clouding your judgement “But Focus the BUCS have scored 48 vs the Saints, 27 vs the Eagles and 27 vs the Steelers” YEAH but all of those defenses are abissmal.  Ill go so far as to say the BUCS will be LUCKY to get into double figures vs the Bears.  I mean these BEARS should be 3&0 if it wasnt for an unbelievable comeback by A—-Aron.

Excluding the quarterback position, the Bears have a top-five NFL roster. Their defense, offensive line and running game are all outstanding, while their receiving corps is above average. Trubisky needs to put some points on the board especially with the favourable positions that his defense puts him into.  Like i have detailed above the BUCS are a complete FAKE and will be found out tonight.

Bears win 34-9

Detroit Lions (1-2) at Dallas Cowboys (1-2)

My 2 star selection is the Cowboys at home to the Lions.  Ok again i see this as a huge trap game with a lot of you on the Lions which have done nothing this year except for there superbowl winning performance last week vs a depleted Patriots team.  The big difference is the Lions are now away vs Americas team who have a very competent QB, one of the best running backs in the league in ZEEK and a very potent receiving corps.  “Well Focus How are the cowboys 1&2” its very simple guys they have gone up against 3 very good, phenomenal infact defenses.  The Panthers are obviously outstanding in their front seven, while the Seahawks were much better with Bobby Wagner on the field. The Giants’ defense is the worst of the trio, but it’s definitely not a bad unit so what does this mean WELL the Cowboys have had a tough start to the season but finally the team to piss all over has arrived as the Lions definitely have a miserable defense. Their linebackers, in particular, are atrocious. I expect Ezekiel Elliott to have a huge game, both as a runner and a receiver out of the backfield.

Both of these teams are 1&2 but i have the Lions as so much worse.  On top of all the above the line is way off i mean -3 YOU HAVE GOTTA BE FUCKIN KIDDING ME but hey im delighted.  OK so the Lions beat the Patriots WOW they beat them in name only as they Pats had nobody on the field to play, No receivers, No Running backs etc. Anyone can win on a Sunday i get that but anyone can especially win when there is nothing in front of them.  Thats the case this week as the Cowboys get there “Feel good” game early as they absolutely destroy the Lions.  My analysis leads me to the conclusion that this will be a 2 score victory and an easy one at that as it will probably be 3 scores with a back door touchdown to make it 2 scores.
Cowboys win  30-17

Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) at Atlanta Falcons (1-2)

Last but by no means least my 1 star selection is the Bengals away to the Falcons.  Maybe the Bengals are the real deal this year but my only fear is the division there in is so competitive this year even with the Browns. That being said lets get back to the matchup.  The Falcons defense is Atrocious and we are asking the Bengals QB to keep it within 6 points.  Dont get me wrong i dont see the Bengals winning the game but i do see a comfortable cover with the game being played out with the cover in place. Im going to keep this part of the post short and sweet.  These teams are even and if your giving 3 to the home team well ten fair enough but its 6.  Im asking Andy Dalton to keep this game within 6 points YES PLEASE.

Close contest but the cover comes in.

Falcons win 34-31


I think the Titans are another good selection, the Chargers, the Saints, the Broncos and the Raiders.   I see myself having another good week and am predicting 15 out of 15 stars to increase my winning percentage from 66% to 83%.  More importantly im predicting another abissmal week for JP and Seanny as these trap games i mentioned i know these guys will go for them.  More money for Focus………….

Stacks from JP

As always YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Focus lands in Miami

Good evening guys, as previously mentioned Focus flew to Miami this week and changed his 5 Star ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ and 4 Star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ selections to the dolphins and Bucs as they are the clear choice. Below me and the girls in Miami

In Tampa Bay tonight with the guys. Log in next week as always.




Well what a second week that was with Eddie Cross following up his terrible 1st week with an equally abissmal 2nd week.  He had 1 selection correct in week 1 and 1 selection correct in week 2 but fortunately for Cross that 2nd week was a 10 pointer!!!! Although a behind the scenes insight Cross originally had the Bills in for his 10 pointer and only for the interjection from Ace Clany that would have been a DUCK EGG.  Other notables Paul O Reilly decided on his double week and Chris and Sean O Connor only got 2 selections correct.  Not a great week for the O Connor brothers maybe its that Florida sun or Thunderstorms!!!!

I on the other hand won 8 out of my 15 star selections (53.3%) which is phenomenal and ended the week with 15 points which isnt bad considering i gave away my 10 pointer on Thursday night. I stand now at 66% win rate for the season for my star selections which is a winning formula.  In the Focus vs JP fiasco Focus increased his portfolio to €231 as JP wants to give me a €500 head start (well his words!!!!!!) Well that wont be 2 long as a perfect week is on the cards for Focus. Is anyone going to Join Focus and Sean in the “Perfect Week” Club?? can anyone take a ring away from Focus?? is there a competitor good enough to take Focus on????  This is like an old Batman episode well Tune in next week and see if the Joker (JP) or Robin(that guy Greg) can foil the BAT. BOOM……………BAM………………KASSAMM…………..Hard luck JP in advance of this week AGAIN

I dont count the divisions yet as Greg is STILL top if you do that which is hilarious.  Also i still stand over my picks even the losing ones as the Texans lost by 3, the saints lost by 5.  The Patriots on the other hand was a bad pick on my part as the Patriots were in a bad spot to compete against the best Defense in the League.

Anyway enough of my bad luck from week 2 lets look forward to week 3.  I know you all are logging on to see the next batch of Sunday Star Selections to make money from me and as always YOU ARE WELCOME!!


Green Bay Packers (1-0-1) at Washington Redskins (1-1)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Packers away to the Redskins. This is the easiest pick of the week as the Packers have the superior team and the most important position the quarter back.  Ive have always said give me an elite QB with a small spread every day of the week and twice on Sunday.  This spread is 3……….THREE get the f**k outta here. Im not getting it as the Redskins have looked pedestrian in both there games and are lucky to be 1& 1.  Put it this way i have a divisional winner vs a bottom side of there respective division and the spread is 3.  A……A……RON maybe be injured and is probably going to play at 75% but i would take a 75% fit Rodgers over 28 other QB’s in the League. OK you guys work out who im talking about there. The only scoreline i could possibly lose on is a back door cover in the 4th quarter with a nothing touchdown scored with time running out.  Im hoping that this is not the case and do see the packers winning by double digits.

Running the ball for both teams is not going to be successful as both stop units VS the run are phenomenal.  Look for the game to be decided by the QB’s so therefore who is your money on.  To be honest i would take the packers -7 today but im thankfully getting the extra few points is fine.

Packers win 31-19


Los Angeles Chargers (1-1) at Los Angeles Rams (2-0)

My 4 star selection is the Chargers away to the Rams.  The Rams basically did whatever they wanted to do offensively last week, picking up where they left off in the second half of the season opener. They look like a battering Ram no pun intended!!!, which is why the spread has been inflated for them.  Is it fully justified though? That’s what we need to analyse, and I would say no. The Rams have battled two teams with bottom-five NFL defenses. They haven’t been challenged on this side of the ball yet, and that’s something the Chargers will do as they have a phenomenal stop unit.  The chargers on the other hand have battled against the Chiefs who are a potential Superbowl visitor this year.  They have also defended against 2 phenomenal rushers in there opening 2 games and kept them very quiet (25 carries for 88 yards) .  The Rams on paper…….ok lets be honest and on the field are very good but they do have some glaring gaps in there defense which a seasoned, experienced semi elite QB will be able to exploit which is the linebacker position and tracking the receiver coming out of the backfield.  Look for Keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon to have huge days and put up big numbers vs the Rams.

I think the Chargers win this game on the flat and if not we are asking Rivers to keep the game within 6.  Also looking ahead the Vikings have to play in 4 days and against a potentially NFC championship matchup so could be guilty of the look ahead scenario

Chargers win 31-27

Denver Broncos (2-0) at Baltimore Ravens (1-1)


My 3 star selection is the Broncos away to the Ravens.  Is it just me or is this spread way to high i mean i have this game as a field goal fest and yet the spread is 5.5 WHAT.  I definetly taking the points in this game as i give the Broncos a very good chance of winning the game on the flat and yet we are getting 5.5 points…………WHAT……..5.5points WHAT!!!!! This is going to be a war of attrition and which defense will hold out the longest well i have the best defensive player in football getting points in Von Miller who will be all over Flacco and adding to his sack count of 4 for the season already. I like Case Keenum and have been rediculling the Vikings for releasing him and i know he is finding his feet.  Simply put i currently have these teams at about even and with Mosley out of the game and positive points for the Broncos i think they are the obvious choice.

This will be a close field goal game either wayand very low scoring

Broncos win 16-13

Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) at Carolina Panthers (1-1

My 2 star selection is the Panthes at home vs the Bengals.  I have always like Cam Newton and in todays game is the ultimate QB. Big, Strong, good arm, great as a scrambler and hes not wreckless with the Ball. The Bengals will still be without there best player in Vontaze Burfict and although the Bengals have not really missed him as the opposition have not been up to scratch…………….it will be costly vs Cam and the Boys.  Again im getting a home team with an elite QB at a number of -3.  I have looked at offense vs defense for both, scoring potential on both offenses, the dominant defense and the influence of the special teams and in all the categories the Panthers come out on top. Look for Cam to get a TD duringthe game maybe even 2.He is 9/5 for 1 and 14/1 to score 2 TD’s.  Im liking the Panthers and have played this game out with potential scenarios and im struggling to give the Bengals the win or even keep it close.  Andy Dalton will bottle it and the panthers will win by 2 scores
I see the Panthers winning by 10 and playing out the game in the fourth quarter up by this number.
Panthers win  27-17

New England Patriots (1-1) at Detroit Lions (0-2)

Last but by no means least my 1 star selection is the Patriots away to the Lions.  Unfortunately for the Lions you have Brady in F–You mode and himself and Bellichek dont lose twice in a row.  To make it sweeter there up against the worst team from the NFC North well thats how Focus sees it.  This could be an embarrassing event at home for the Lions as i see the Patriots scoring and scoring and scoring and scoring and scoring and scoring and scoring and scoring and finish of the Lions and push them to 0 & 3.  The Patriots are intimidating as they are and now they have landed 2 very influencial recievers in Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman and i can see Brady getting the ball to anyone he wants whenever he wants and as many times as he want.  Im going out on the limb here to say that the Patriots will win by 30 points.  Infact i looked through some old records and the Lions including Matt Stafford when a 6 point underdog have only covered once and with them being absolutely usless this year they will be behind by 15 in the first half and gone by the 3rd quarter.  Usually i would be worried about a back door cover but not in this matchup.

Patriots win 44-14


I think the Bucs are another good selection, the niners, the Hawks, the Dolphins and the Browns.  Also the Bears will dominate the Cardinals.  I see myself having another good week and am predicting 15 out of 15 stars to increase my winning percentage from 66% to 83%  I might even change the Pats to 10 points and panthers to 8. Game day decision anyway i have the following teams all covering the spreads in a huge accumulator

Patriots -6, Packers-3, Chargers +6.5, Panthers -3, Hawks -1, Bears -6, Bucs, Dolphins -3, Eagles -6, 49ers +6.5, Saints +3

As always YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well what a first week that was we had everything, a perfect week from Sean, a 1 pointer from Cross and Focus is up €140 already vs JP!!!!!!!!!!! JP doesnt stand for John Paul it stands for JUST PAY HAHAHA.  We had the lads down to bardons last week and it was great craic (Sean and Chris) but it must be said although Seanny got a perfect week he also predicted that Focus would not win any of his top three selections but he was wrong in that prediction as the Browns covered by 4.5, the Bears covered by 6.5 and the Jets covered by 37.5 points…..yeah good call Seanny.  Fortunately for Sean he had not chosen any of these games in his picks.

I on the other hand won 12 out of my 15 star selections (80%) which is phenomenal and ended the week with 29 points and in second position behind Sean.  I dont count the divisions yet as Greg is top if you do that which is hilarious.  Also i still stand over my picks even the losing ones as the giants lost by 2, the 49ers lost by 1.5.  The 49ers had 5 possesions in the Redzone and there is no way they should have lost the game as they only got 1 touchdown from them.  I still think the 49ers will win the division as they have a great squad.

Anyway enough of my bad luck from week 1 lets look forward to week 2.  I know you all are logging on to see the next batch of Sunday Star Selections to make money from me and as always YOU ARE WELCOME!!


Seattle Seahawks (0-1) at Chicago Bears (0-1)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Bears at home to the Seahawks. This is the easiest pick of the week as the bears have the superior offense, defense, special teams, coaching staff, cheerleaders, ball boys etc. The only position that the seahawks are superior in is the quarter back as wilson is definetly the better QB. Unfortunately for Wilson he will have to carry the game himself as his top 2 receivers are out, his offensive line is abismal and they have no running game to speak of. I predict wilson getting sacked by KMAC over 5 times and they will lose the game by double digits.  2 good bets for this game would be the Wilson rushing yards as long as he survives the game and the bears on the handicap.

In relation to the bears i think they have a phenomenal squad of players and dominated vs the Packers in week 1.  The only reason they lost that game is for some unknown reason they went ultra conservative in the second half and with a QB like Aaron Rodgers WELL we all know what happened. Against the Seahawks this week they wont make the same mistake.  They willmove the chains easily and will be up by 2 scores in the first half alone.  This is going to be an embarrasing day out for the Seahawks

Bears win 40-9 for a 30 point cover!!!!!!


Houston Texans (0-1) at Tennessee Titans (0-1)

My 4 star selection is the Texans away to the Titans.  First of all this spread is absurd -2 WTF honestly i have this spread at -10 and i would still probably take the Texans and here’s why: Marcus Mariota is out so Blaine Gabbert steps in yyyeeeaaahhhh thats not a replacement thats a disaster waiting to happen and will be later tonight. We all know Focus made a lot of money last year betting against Blaine and again we will keep that cash cow going.  The best receiver for the Titans is out for the year Delanie Walker and the rest of the receiving corps is terrible.  To add to the troubles both tackles are out with Gabbert facing a ferocious defense led by JJ Watt. This is going to be the first time that i wont talk about a team i am backing and why simply put i dont need to!!!  I reckon a highschool football team would beat these titans because i think they will beat themselves

Like i said this spread is way off and if i had loads of money this would be my biggest bet i would place. Anyway……………

Texans win 31-6

Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) at Pittsburgh Steelers (0-0-1)

My 3 star selection is the Chiefs away to the Steelers.  The Chiefs will win this game on the flat as they have the superior offense and with so many injuries on the steelers team this doesnt look good for MikeTomlin and his steelers.  Reading on NFL Ben is banged up, David DeCastro is out who is one of the top guards in the NFL.  The Steelers won’t block nearly as well without him. Oh, and that’s not it. Joe Haden is doubtful, while the other starting corner, Artie Burns, is questionable. What a nightmare for the Steelers, who aren’t as good as people think they are to begin with. The chiefs on the other hand are looking very impressive in week 1 vs a superbowl contender in the Chargers.  How are the steelers going to stop Tyreek Hill who torched the chargers for 170 yards in the season opener scoring 2 TD’s.  This would be my 4 or even 5 star selection if the other games were not on the board.

The Chiefs will easily win this outright so im taking the chiefs for 3 stars.

Chiefs win 34-27

New England Patriots (1-0) at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0)

My 2 star selection is the Patriots away to the Jags. Tom Brady vs Baaa Lock eeeh Botler………..WHAT. I have always said give me an elite QB with a point spread of less than a field goal and i will take them every week and twice on Sunday. Yes the Jags have a phenomenal defense and they were lucky to cover against the Giants in week 1.  Baa lockeh had nothing to do with the win and like in my write up last week there defense would have to play at an elite level to win and cover. Well that happened but unfortunately for the Jags your up against Tom Brady and SIR Bill Belichek.  They wont make mistakes for the defense to capitalise on and will put enough points on the board that the defense of the jags wont be able to catch up.  Also we have to say why and how is this spread only -2?????????  I just love betting against the Jags and the sloppy unsavouring Baaa Lock EEHHH.  If the jags do not perform defensivley like they did last year they will have no chance. The only thing going for them is that they are in an incredibly poor division and should go 4 if not 5&6 in there division.
I see the patriots winning by 10 and playing out the game in the fourth quarter up by this number.
Patriots win  27-17

Cleveland Browns (0-0-1) at New Orleans Saints (0-1)

Last but by no means least my 1 star selection is the Saints at home vs the Browns.  The saints are angry and who better to vent on than the Browns.  This is one of these situations were the saints will score and score and score score and score and score score and score and score score and score and score.  I like the browns this year but definetly not this week. Drew Brees and co will dominate and put right the errors made in week 1.

Saints win 51-24 getting


I think the Bucs are another good selection and the niners.  I see myself having another good week and am predicting 15 out of 15 stars to increase my winning percentage from 80% to 90%

As always YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES The NFL is back thank god as it has been 193 days since we last saw a competitive game of football well before Thursday night anyway before Sean O Connor jumps in to correct me.  Surprisingly we have some new coaches in the competition this year and they were fully aware that the reigning 4 time NFL champion is involved again which is why its surprising……………people have too much money.  Even more surprising was JP challeging Focus to a lot of prop bets which is just crazy…….he definetly has too much money: Below is the outline of our weekly/season long bets:

€50 weekly bet on points total for the week (double week points do not count)

€200 Season bet

€200 for a perfect week just like Focus last year!!!!!!!!! All matches must be won no pushes count

€200 for a duck egg paid as a penalty to the other coach

Aggregate points difference on weekly picks at a €1 a point. Example if i have the patriots at -7 and they win by 14 well i would be +7 for that selection.  All selections count for the week. Best of Luck JP………. god, Allah, Budda and every other person knows you will need it. Focus finished with a win percentage last year of 77.4% anyway lets get to this weeks NFL selections as that is why you are all logging on to read.


Pittsburgh Steelers (0-0) at Cleveland Browns (0-0)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Browns at home to the Steelers.  First of all, this spread is too BIG as Kizer the outstanding 4th quarter disaster QB is gone from the browns and they now have Tyrod Taylor who is an exponential improvement in talent and he wont turn the ball over as much as Kizer. I think that this year could be the first year probably this millenia that the Browns finish the season with a winning record ok maybe not winning but i think 8-8 is very possible. There division is not that strong this year and i see the Bengals finishing last.

If the Steelers are at 100-percent capacity, their offense will be difficult to contain, for sure. However, there are lingering concerns heading into Week 1. Bell is holding out and i sense dissention in the ranks.  I have never thought that Mike Tomlin holds any decent control over the team and the above just proves that

I reckon i will be the only one with the Browns and as a 10 pointer but then again thats why Focus is the champion.

Browns win 31-28


San Francisco 49ers (0-0) at Minnesota Vikings (0-0)

My 4 star selection is the 49ers away to the Vikings. How and why is this spread 6 points?????? I have this spread as scratch and this is one of my top plays of the week. I absolutely love the 49ers and the +6

The 49ers were very competitive last year, even without Garoppolo. They finished with 10 losses, yet half of them were by three points or fewer. Those games all could’ve gone the other way, so imagine that instead of 6-10, they finished 11-5.

These teams are close i think now i realise that it is week 1 but i have the 49ers winning there division and the vikings coming 3rd in there division finishing the season with a losing record or 8-8 at best.  Am i the only one who doesnt see Cousins as an upgrade to Case Keenum who was phenomenal last year i mean i think i read it somewhere that Cousins is now the 2nd highest paid QB in the league which is just absurd.  I see him transitioning into the Vikings very slowly and basically being a disaster in September and October. On top of all this there offensive line has been completly desimmated with retirement and injuries. Even writing this makes me want to change this to my 5 star selection. Simply put i see the niners winning on the flat and yes is now my 5 star selection.

Niners win 31-20

Chicago Bears (0-0) at Green Bay Packers (0-0)

My 3 star selection is the Bears away to the Packers. Again i see the bears as a potential last to first this season well not first but second to the Packers. 7.5 points is too much in week one especially since the best defender in football K Mack is gone to the bears.  They were great on defense but couldnt move the chains last year well…………. fortunetly this side of the football has improved immensly with a strong offensive line, stout ground attack and some intriuging new weapons in the receiving corps. Yes the bears are building and i see them finishing 2nd in there division this year with making the playoffs a real  possiblity.

My view on this match is very simple the packers have the better QB and ,,.. and ,,.. well thats it!!!!!! I think if you remove the QB’s from both teams then i think the bears are favoured I see this being a very close contest with a field goal decding the victor maybe even in overtime.

Packers win 20-17 in overtime

New York Jets (0-0) at Detroit Lions (0-0)
My 2 star selection is the Jets away to the Lions. I have the Lions finishing dead last in there division and with an incredibly poor losing record.  The jets are one of these teams you dont like to play and its week 1.  Before i looked at this game i had the spread at 2.5 or maybe 3 and its 6.5.  I mean i give the jets a chance to win this game and yet there getting 6.5 points!!!!! I will have a more substantial write up on these teams in the future but i will make it easy the lions will do very little this year and matt stafford struggles.
Jets win  27-17 getting points!!


Jacksonville Jaguars (0-0) at New York Giants (0-0)

Last but by no means least my 1 star selection is the Giants at home vs the Jags. I just love betting against the Jags and the sloppy unsavouring Baaa Lock EEHHH.  If the jags do not perform defensivley like they did last year they will have no chance. The only thing going for them is that they are in an incredibly poor division and should go 4 if not 5&6 in there division.  I see them losing to the Texans away but thats it however in this matchup away to the Giants the Jags are up against the surprise of the year team in the Giants.  Eli has sucked the last few years but why………… well its because they had no running game and only 1/2 great receivers.  He was forced into horrible throwing situations as defenses knew what and were he was going with the football.  Now they have improved on both sides of the ball with the best rookie running back coming straight out of college and the best receiver in the league in OBJ!!!!! Teams wont be able to double cove odellas teams will need 8 in the box to stop the run.  Unfortunately when teams do this it will open the lane for OBJ to become the leader in the year in receiving yards and catches.  I predict a lot of coaches actually going for the Jags this week which is laughable as its a classic overrated vs underrated with the Giants being the latter.  The Jags are a fraud and will win there division by default

Giants win 27-24 getting points!!



Winner of the NFL ATS CHAMPIONSHIP will be Focus for his 5th ring

2nd place well who cares, i have a feeling JP will be last and paying me out over €500 throughout the year.  Other notables on week 1 is the chargers winning there game vs the chiefs and there division

My division winners will be different to most and are as follows:

Patriots, Ravens, Texans and Chargers

Giants, Packers Saints and 49ers. The Superbowl will be contested by the Patriots and the Saints

As always YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!