Well not the best of weeks last week with the highest score being 28 from the foot of the table Greg so doesnt really make a difference anyway!!!! The lowest score was from the towel boy Ross with all other coaches having an average score. A great night last Sunday at the Bardons establishment so we must have another night out before the Superbowl. JP got a bit drunk last week and challenged the 4 time NFL ATS champion to a match bet €150 H2H this week. He is eager to try and win some of his own money back but will find himself deeper in the Red when Focus is finished with him………Yes he did win €50 back from me last week however he got to pick one of my teams in the Saints which left me with the Panthers. I wasnt happy and before kick off had it checked as a loss. This week will be different as i predict JP will pick the Packers which is a trap game this week. Just to explain how lucky JP is 2 days ago at the cash league final day 1a JP knocked me out of the tournament on a 6 outer and this is what happened:

Focus has J,6 spades in the big blind 3 handed. The flop comes Q,4,2 all spades and checks, Player 1 bets 450 and JP calls, i raise to 3200 and get called by both players. The turn card is a 5 hearts and Focus goes all in for 18K, player 1 thinks about it for ages and folds his set as you should…………….JP on the other hand calls with Ace spades and a 5 diamonds (90% of his remaining stack) for a 6 outer so Ross thats 15% chance or 7/1 dog. Lucky John Paul spikes a 5 of spades and Focus is gone but hey thats how the luck goes sometines and instead of a potential winner in Focus having a 60K stack and blinds only 100-200 JP has the chips and probably wont even make the final 2 tables. Revenge this week as i take €150 off JP.



Anyway i didnt want to say to much and i know you are all eagerly waiting on the award winning, bookie bashing, phenomenal focus star selections for week 13 so lets get to it


Seattle Seahawks (8-4) at Jacksonville Jaguars (8-4)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Hawks away to the Jags.  I don’t understand this spread at all as i have it at -7 to the other side!!!!!!  The wrong team is favored, as the Seahawks are much better than the Jaguars. Their defenses are comparable, but the offenses aren’t even close. With Leonard Fournette hitting a rookie wall, Seattle’s scoring attack is so much better because of the quarterback play. Wilson has shown that he can will his team to victory against elite competition, while Bortles doesn’t really care about his professional career. The Jaguars on the other hand prevailed over the Chargers because Los Angeles made so many mistakes.  Jacksonville had just one legitimate scoring drive in that contest. The team also had a nice win over a lethargic Cincinnati team that couldn’t pressure the quarterback or get off the field on third down. Plus, the result would’ve likely been 16-7 if it weren’t for a punt return, which is obviously less impressive than 23-7. Beating the Colts wasn’t impressive at all. Blake Bortles still sucks, his receivers are pedestrian, and his offensive line is not good. The Jaguars are just an average team, so it’s no surprise they lost at Arizona. They remind me of the Giants from 2016. They’re overachieving, and they’re likely going to make the playoffs, but they’ll lose in the postseason right away and will win just 3-4 games next year once things stop going their way.  The Jags are a Fake and will be found out today by a true Superbowl contender:

Hawks win 27-17

Baltimore Ravens (7-5) at Pittsburgh Steelers (10-2)

My 4 star selection is the ravens away to the steelers. How and why is this spread 7 points?????? Look i know it has been bet down to -4 but i still think this is too high. I have it as steelers -3 and the game to be settled by a field goal either way YES i give the ravens a chance to wn this game so its obvious who the pick is. Remeber this past Monday the steelers were losing 17-0 to one of the worst teams out there the bengals. The Ravens defense is phenomenal this year and i see this as a low scoring game. Big Ben is great and Antonio Brown is fantastic but i dont see them having much success today and here’s why: The Ravens defense is top 3 in the NFL for points allowed hard luck Ben and top 3 in the NFL for pass yards given up Hard Luck Antonio!!!!!!! The steeler defense is also at the top in relation to defensive statistics and are 5th points allowed, 4th in total yardage and 2 in pass yards allowed. With this in mind i see the ravens running the ball and thus running the clock down. Look for more field goals in this game than TD’s and will end in the teens

Steelers win 16-13

Tennessee Titans (8-4) at Arizona Cardinals (5-7)

My 3 star selection is the titans away to the cardinals. Just because the Cardinals pushed the Jaguars all the way all of you will overreact and think that the Cardinals have a good chance this week well you would be wrong and here’s why: Marcus Mariota will have more time in the pocket as the cardinals are terrible at rushing the passer, and he’ll take advantage of it by finding open targets going up the Cardinal’s secondary. The Cardinals have some shaky defensive backs starting for them. Meanwhile, the Titans should be able to run on the Cardinals with some success. The only potent ground game the Cardinals has faced in the last few weeks is the Rams and what happened: The widely rated number 1 running back Todd Gurley ran all over them!!!!!!!!!! Again i dont even see this as a tight affair as i see the titans winning by a touchdown or more.

Titans win 27-17

San Francisco 49ers (2-10) at Houston Texans (4-8)
My 2 star selection this week is 49ers away vs the texans.  I don’t understand this spread at all. San Francisco should be favored. The 49ers have played in many close games this year despite having bad (Brian Hoyer) and terrible (C.J. Beathard) quarterbacking. Garoppolo, despite his inexperience, is infinitely better than those two signal-callers. He makes the 49ers a viable team for the first time since the Jim Harbaugh days.  With that in mind, why is Houston favored by 2 points???? It makes absolutely no sense to me. Savage is a horrible quarterback. He should not be laying points. Betting against Savage as a touchdown underdog has worked the past two weeks, but now we get to do it with him being a 2 point favorite? Sign me up!  The 49ers don’t have the best defense either, but unlike San Francisco, the Texans don’t have the quarterback to take advantage of it. Tom “Sloppy Knucklehead Savage ” had a mid-range performance last week – a relatively great showing for him – but I don’t expect that to happen again. He’s not a good quarterback, to put it nicely, and he could be responsible for several turnovers in this contest as he regresses to the mean. The 49ers win easily by double digits and there getting points!!!
49ers win  34-17

Chicago Bears (3-9)
at Cincinnati Bengals (5-7)

Last but by no means least my 1 star selection is the Bears away vs the struggling skeleton crew Bengals. This spread is nowhere near were it should be as i have it as a scratch match yes yes yes a scratch match. At most i might go to -3 to the Bengals because there at home but thats the max and yet we are getting incredible value with the visitor and 6 points. Thanks Vegas. Ok lets analise the Bengals, who nearly lost to the Colts at home a few weeks ago, will be missing Vontaze Burfict and several other defensive players and they could also be without Geno Atkins.  This is huge as both these top players are like QB’sfor the defense organising there players in the right positions and coordinating with the coaches as to what personel to use and there both OUT!!! The bears on the other hand have a very balanced team and will be able to move the chains quite easily all game and will score when they have the ball more times than they will punt. The bengals will struggle on this side of the ball vs a very capable defense and WHY: because they are in the top 7 categories as one of the worst offenses in the NFL (25th in points scored, 31st in total yardage, 26th in pass yards and 30th in Rush yards) I see a lot of you coaches getting trapped in this game by not recognizing the numbers and the value ive explained above:



Other notables are the Bucs (0), the Browns +3 and the Patriots -11.  Ill make a final decision tomorrow but these will be my picks. Remember i release these picks at 5:30 every Sunday so be sure to log in as i dont always remember to remind you guys. Last week 4 out of 5 week 13 ULTIMATE PERFECTION 8/8, WEEK 11 3 OUT OF 5, week 10 PERFECT, week 9 PERFECT, YOU ARE WELCOME

No other Final thoughts needed guys as its sticking to basics and my own analysis.  Good luck coaches