Well good weeks all round last week with the LOWEST score being 25 of a possible 39…….Cross!!!!!! JP as i predicted on my post last week availed of the double week and was able to exploit the advantage in the Colts game by taking the points with the colts (+13). Focus predicted the outright win by the colts in the posts last week and was scary good winning all 5 no. star selections comfortably. The bookies should have accepted my offer to close the site but didnt and it cost them big. Brandon in Wisconsin and Blake in minneapolis cleaned up with the selections or so they told me……stacks all round. Some extracts from last weeks posts:

1st “JP nails 20 points without even trying as this game is a gimme. Colts win 20-19″,  2nd:I have the chance to pick a team of scratch against an 0-8 squad. You bet your ass im taking it!!!!(Cardinal Game), 3rd:“This is going to be embarrassing for the Giants in an almost blowout victory for the Rams“, 4th: “The Bronco offense is obismal and there QB is useless. The Eagles are  possibly the best team in football” I thought my best prediction last week was MY opinion on the Saints and Bucs which is why i have included the post again!!!!!!!!!!!

5th: Chris, JP Sean, Ross and Ace all have the Saints to come last and jokes were made of Focus on selecting the Saints for 1st in there division and to go to the show well whos laughing now!!!!!!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-5) at New Orleans Saints (5-2)

Last but by no means least my 1 star selection is the Saints at home vs the Bucs. Both of these teams are the suprise picks according to the so called experts as most of them had the saints in an almost winless season and the Bucs in the Playoffs…………all except FOCUS as predicted the saints would win the division and the Bucs would be last and as it stands Focus is on the money.,…yet again. I have always said it give me an elite QB vs a poor opponent and i will take them every week and twice on Sunday. This spread should be saints -10 and its only a touchdown well thank you very much Vegas as Focus loves this pick along with the above. Even the saints defense is showing up this year. I see the saints hitting 40 points tonight guys so its another easy pick. Am i putting my hand out to be slapped with all the above well maybe but im really confident this week.

Anyway your all reading and tuning in to get the star selections for this week so you can make some money and with my record why wouldnt you. Lets get straight to it.


New Orleans Saints (6-2) at Buffalo Bills (5-3)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Saints away to the Bills.I feel like i am repeating myself with this team this year I have always said it give me an elite QB vs a poor opponent and i will take them every week and twice on Sunday. This spread should be saints -6 or even -7 and its not even a field goal (Well it is now currently) anyway thank you very much Vegas as Focus loves this pick. I mean lets put this into perspective the Saints went 0/2 at the start (Patriots and Vikings) and have gone W,W,W,W,W,W (Panthers, Dolphins, Lions, Packers (with Rodgers), Bears and Bucs and no Ross this isnt a world war from last century…..there wins!!!!!! Back to the matchup the Saints are 6th in overall offense and 10th in Defense which is impressive. The bills on the other hand are 16th in offense and 6th in defense which would seem impressive but at a closer look who have they played with a winning record:  ANSWER 1 YES 1 and how did they do they lost!! The bills will struggle over the next 4 weeks and wont win a single game. By week 14 the bills record will be 5/7. In this matchup the only way the bills have a chance is if they rush the ball succesfully as they are 30th in pass offense. The bills are good vs losing teams but there up against it today. Saints win by double digits

Saints win 30-16

New England Patriots (6-2) at Denver Broncos (3-5)

My 4 star selection is MY Patriots away to the Broncos.  OK OK i know the patriots are the worst in defense i know last in the league vs the pass, last in the league in points allowed even worse than the browns and 49ers!!!! HOWEVER they are also number 1 in the league in total yardage and number 1 in pass yards and 7th BEST OVERALL in offense. This is a clash of Titans the best offense vs one of the best defenses. The problem for the Broncos is Tom Brady will score and score just like the Eagles last week. Your man Siemien, Simon, Simone whatever his name is will have no answer. Also another big thing to consider is the Pats are coming off a bye and with extra time to prepare the pats Roll over the Broncos. I think the Broncos should start with Brock and take there chances. Von Miller is phenomenal and will get to Brady the only problem for him is Tom wont have the ball as he will be releasing it quickly to his tight ends and back field runners. I dont see Brady airing it long but moving the chains with these type offensive weapons. Interesting clash of the Titans but the Patriots win comfortably

Patriots win 34-13

Los Angeles Chargers (3-5) at Jacksonville Jaguars (5-3)

My 3 star selection is the Chargers away to the Jaguars. I am not buying into the Jags this year and reckon they will struggle in this matchup. Again who have the Jags played and beaten thats worth a mention ANSWER the steelers a few weeks back when Big Ben was going through some issues and is important to note that Ben in that game threw 5 interceptions and all 5 resulted in points……27 to be exact. In this matchup vs the chargers i see it being a low scoring dog fest with neither team scoring many points. With low scoring games i like spreads of more than a field goal. I see a lot of you actually getting trapped in this game by picking the Jags Well im not buying. The chargers coming off a bye and will have a good gameplan in this matchup Hopefully. They are only going to be 2 games out of first now dont get me wrong i do see the chiefs winning the division but i see the chargers in 2nd at the end.  3 of there 4 losses at the start of the season was against great teams Broncos at the time 1st game, the chiefs and the Eagles. They have won 3 of the last 4 with there only loss coming against the patriots SO OK.  The Jaguars, quite simply, aren’t very good. They’re not bad, as their defense is tremendous, but Bortles sucks, and the offensive line isn’t much better. Bortles hasn’t screwed up recently because he hasn’t been forced into making tough throws in a close game, but he seems primed to make several mistakes against a great Charger defense that limited Tom Brady to just 21 points (and really only 18 before the front-door field goal.

Focus upset of the Week chargers win on the Flat vs the Jags

Chargers win 17-13

Dallas Cowboys (5-3)
at Atlanta Falcons (4-4)
My 2 star selection this week is Falcons at home vs the Cowboys. I see this as an end to end scoring bonanza and the highest scoring game of the week. It might even be more than i am predicting but HIGH!!!! Let me start by saying the Cowboys are overrated. They came out of the bye 2-3 and won three games. One was against the 49ers, which hardly counts. The second was a victory over the skeleton-crew Redskins, who would’ve been up 16-7 at halftime if it weren’t for a blocked field goal. The third was an impressive win over the Chiefs, except Kansas City is not as good as everyone initially thought it was.  Meanwhile, the Falcons will be desperate to win this game in order to avoid a losing record. They’ll also be at home for the first time since Week 6 and the Falcons play much better as hosts.  I expect them to have a similar-type performance like they did versus the Packers in Week 2 and score truck loads of points. Lets look at some stats and see weakness in the cowboys well there 4th in overall offense (2nd in Rushing) OH wait Eliot is out………..definetly out……………… confirmed for the 5th time………….. HES GONE. The cowboys are 4th because of Eliot and now that hes gone i think Prescot will force the ball into bad spots and i see him being intercepted a lot. The Falcons on the other hand are 5th in passing and the Cowboys are 19th vs the pass. This is were the game will be won……FALCONS
Falcons win 42-27

Cleveland Browns (0-8) at Detroit Lions (3-5)

Last but by no means least my 1 star selection is the Browns at the Lions i know i said i wouldnt back the Browns unless they were getting a load of points well there getting more than enough in this matchup 13 points and are also coming off a bye. It might not make much difference as its the browns but, BUT………….. Stop the press im not betting the BROWNS for F**K sake no no no my pick is another winning team the vikings -1 vs the Redskins. I dont see the Redskins pulling off 2 miracles in 2 weeks and the vikings are a solid outfit this year. If this spread was 5 or 6 i would have reservations but its 1. Im happy to take that so yes the VIKINGS

Vikings win 24-16


Other notables are the Packers +5, Giants flat and the Bengals +4.5.

Good bet is the Chargers +2.5/Under 40.5 @ 11/4, the falcons -1.5 over 48.5 @ 15/8 and Saints -0.5 & Under 47.5 Trixie

No other Final thoughts needed guys as its sticking to basics and my own analysis.  Good luck coaches

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