Well good weeks all round last week with the exception of Chris scoring only 14 points with only 2 selections correct. Cross fell victim of the double week curse and only scored 10 (20 total).  I was asked by 2 prominent gambling establishments not to release picks last week so as to give them time to consider a sponsorship deal however i will not succumb to the “Man” and i will represent the people you mainly!!!! YOU ARE WELCOME. My bookie bashing tips will be made available for the rest of the season and we will just call last week “my bye” week.

Anyway your all reading and tuning in to get the star selections for this week so you can make some money and with my record why wouldnt you. Lets get straight to it.


Indianapolis Colts (2-6) at Houston Texans (4-3)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Colts away to the Texans. Well this selection has been made very easy due to the injury to the QB Deshaun Watson and as you can guess the spread has been cut in half.  This is a tremendous opportunity for JP and the double week as i believe the QB means everything when talking about true success in the NFL. You can have the best defense in the NFL (Broncos) but without an elite or even capable QB at the helm the entire team struggles. How would the saints do without Brees, Patriots do without Brady or Packers do without Rodgers oh wait a minute that has happened and YES YES YES the Packers have and will struggle without there elite point man. Just to clarify although the Saints and Patriots have improved very slightly on defense without there point men they would not be contenders!!!! This is the easiest pick of the week well season really and with the extra points value we are getting i will probably be looking at a lot of 8 & 10 point selections on the colts. JP nails 20 points without even trying as this game is a gimme.

Colts win 20-19

Arizona Cardinals (3-4) at San Francisco 49ers (0-8)

My 4 star selection is the Cardinals away to the 49ers.  I dont get this spread at scratch, i mean i had it at -3.5 and would still take the cardinals at that also.  The niners are one of the worst teams in the league and this game is the mini superbowl for the cardinals……win and you have a chance of playoffs……..lose and your out really. I have the chance to pick a team of scratch against an 0-8 squad. You bet your ass im taking it!!!! The so called experts are talking about niners getting there first win but phenomenal Focus is not buying and like a good friend told me i was better doing my own analysis and you know what he was right. The Cardinal offense will exploit the niners as they havent been able to cover anybody all year so how will they do against Larry Fitzgerald a guaranteed future hall of famer. I wont be talking about the niners and what they can offer because they have very liitle to offer!!!. The cardinals will also have success on the ground against the 23rd ranked rushing defense (31st overall) Lock this one in guys its as good as it can get. I almost selected them for the 5 stars but the colts are too attractive with the extra points.

Cardinals win 31-16

Los Angeles Rams (5-2) at New York Giants (1-6)

My 3 star selection is the Rams away to the Giants. Again i was of the opinion that this was a tough week on paper but after my analysis was complete there are a lot of matchups that i love this week. This is another one, im getting the 2nd best offense in the league vs the 3rd worst offense in the league and with the Giant injuries on offense this is statistic is just going to get worse!!!! Ill make this simple if its a low scoring game the Giants might be in it at the 4th quarter however Focus doesnt see it that way the Rams will score and score and score and the giants dont have enough……..whats wrong with me dont have ANY weapons to try and keep up. This is going to be embarrassing for the Giants in an almost blowout victory.  On top of all this the Rams are pretty good on defense aswell. Analysis summary the Giants are ranked 30th in overall offense and (27th defense yards given up) 28th in pass yards. Jared Goff has a big passing game tonight against one of the worst pass defenses in the league. OH and Todd Gurley at running back to open up these avenues……………………..

Rams win 33-13

Denver Broncos (3-4) at Philadelphia Eagles (7-1)
My 2 star selection this week is the Eagles at home vs the Broncos.  Like i said earlier the QB position is everything and what do we have here an elite QB in Wentz and my MVP of the season so far against a phenomenal defense absolutely no question but they cant be spending 40-50 minutes on the field.  The Bronco offense is obismal and there QB is useless. The Eagles are  possibly the best team in football at the moment and there at home vs one of the biggest decliners in the game. They are 4th in overall offense and 10th in defense. The Broncos on the other hand are 24th in overall offense and 13th in defense. They are 2nd vs the Rush on defense which is why i see the Eagles airing it out today and beating them through the air. I think if the Eagles can get into the 20 point vacinity they win this game and cover as the Broncos wont be able to catch up. Interesting matchup but low scoring.
Eagles win 27-10

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-5) at New Orleans Saints (5-2)

Last but by no means least my 1 star selection is the Saints at home vs the Bucs. Both of these teams are the suprise picks according to the so called experts as most of them had the saints in an almost winless season and the Bucs in the Playoffs…………all except FOCUS as predicted the saints would win the division and the Bucs would be last and as it stands Focus is on the money.,…yet again. I have always said it give me an elite QB vs a poor opponent and i will take them every week and twice on Sunday. This spread should be saints -10 and its only a touchdown well thank you very much Vegas as Focus loves this pick along with the above. Even the saints defense is showing up this year. I see the saints hitting 40 points tonight guys so its another easy pick. Am i putting my hand out to be slapped with all the above well maybe but im really confident this week.

Saints win 45-20


Other notables are the Falcons-2, Titans and the Bengals. No other Final thoughts needed guys as its all said above back to basics and my own analysis.  Good luck coaches

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