WEEK 3 RECAP: Week 3 was the opposite of Week 2.  In Week 3, I hit two of my top three picks (Chiefs -3, Bears +7) and nearly nailed my other one (Lions +3), yet I lost almost everything else.  I finished in the black as 8 of my stars out of 15 came in which is still positive. My winning percentage has dropped from 84% to 72% for the season and am already top of the NFL ATS championship.  I would be H2H leader also but other coaches have had there best weeks vs me (Ross 33, Nigel 26 and Sean well actually that was a roll over) For all my followers out there Sean bet me €50 that week on the flat and by the end of the 6 o clock games i had already won even though my 10 and 8 pointer hadnt even played yet. I will have a big bounce back week and get back into the 20 if not 30 points.  Anyway straight onto the star selections for week 4

Los Angeles Rams (2-1) at Dallas Cowboys (2-1)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Rams getting 7 away to the cowboys.  This spread is way too high as before i looked at the spreads for this week I made this line Cowboys -3.  I think 2.5 might even be too much!  The fact is the cowboys are a shadow of the team they were last year and the rams are on the up and up.  With that in mind, this spread is 4.5 points off where it should be, and there are a couple of reasons for this. First the Dallas’ offensive line has regressed. The Cowboys’ blocking is very mediocre right now, and the Rams have a huge advantage in the trenches. Second, everyone still views the Rams as a horrible team. They’re average now. They have improved coaching and a quarterback who is gaining more and more confidence each week. They’ve held double-digit leads in the fourth quarter against two of their three opponents thus far, and their one loss was to the Redskins, who went on to demolish the Raiders on Sunday Night Football.

Furthermore, there’s a huge disparity between the amount of time these teams have had to prepare for this game. The Rams played last Thursday, so the extra days will definitely help. The Cowboys, meanwhile, have to get ready on a short week. I don’t know how focused Dallas will be, especially with an impending matchup against the Packers.

I absolutely love the Rams, and I will be betting 5 stars on them. This spread is just way off, as these teams are pretty close in talent despite what the public and TV analysts may think. The Rams may lose the game (maybe) but 7 points!!!! Look for the upset of the week here

Rams win 24-17 Infact a little bonus the under 49 points will cover by more than a touchdown.

Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) at Los Angeles Chargers (0-3)

This is the 2nd of my top plays of the week for me. I love the Eagles and hate the Chargers, so this is a 4 star selection.

I don’t understand how Philadelphia is an underdog. The Eagles are a top-10 NFL team, while the Chargers are horrible. Yes, horrible. They are losers. They’re the guy who doesn’t get asked out on a date, or the person always passed up for a promotion.  Most elite quarterbacks find ways to win…….this year the chargers well They just find ways to lose!!!!!!!

I just don’t see San Diego winning this game. And yes, San Diego. The Chargers are getting no support in Los Angeles, so I’m calling them the San Diego Chargers from now on. It’s so bad that there will almost certainly be more Eagles fans in the stands than Charger supporters. I’m only giving the Chargers just one point for being at home, so my line is Eagles -4.5. That’s way off of what the spread currently is, so I will once again be wagering big against San Diego.  I see the Eagles winning by double digits again and on a 1 point spread.

Eagles roll here 34-17

New Orleans Saints (1-2) vs. Miami Dolphins (1-1)
This game is very simple for me so im gonna keep it simple.  As i have always said give me an elite quarterback with less than a field goal spread against a mediocre team all day and twice on Sunday.  Well guess what the saints are my 3 point selection for this reason. The dolphins have not kicked off this year and the saints defense looked pretty good last week.  Low scoring game, Drew brees rolls here and the Saints win comfortably 20-0

Tennessee Titans (2-1) at Houston Texans (1-2)
Just because the Texans pushed the patriots all the way all of you will overreact and think that the texans have a good chance this week well you would be wrong and here’s why: Marcus Mariota will have more time in the pocket than Tom Brady enjoyed, and he’ll take advantage of it by finding open targets going up Houston’s secondary. The Texans have some shaky defensive backs starting for them. Meanwhile, the Titans should be able to run on the Texans with some success. The only potent ground game Houston has faced thus far was Jacksonville’s in Week 1, and Leonard Fournette gained 100 yards on the ground behind an offensive line that is far worse than Tennessee’s. Again i dont even see this as a tight affair as i see the titans winning by a touchdown or more.  Titans win 27-17


San Francisco 49ers (0-3) at Arizona Cardinals (1-2)

This spread is too high. The Cardinals can’t block whatsoever, so their offense is too inconsistent for them to be laying a touchdown against anyone, even at home. The 49ers, meanwhile, have been competitive ever since their opening-week loss to the Panthers. They nearly took down the Seahawks, and they had a late charge versus the Rams after falling behind early due to Hoyer’s pick-six.

The 49ers have had extra time to prepare for this game, while the Cardinals are playing on short rest. I think that’ll be beneficial for San Francisco, so I like the visitor to cover the spread and perhaps even pull the outright upset. I’m taking the 49ers for my single star selection. 49ers pull the upset and win 24-21


Other notables are the Colts & Giants.  Focus will have a perfect week this year and remember this is were i put my personal money. Get on the above as soon as possible.

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