Well i only have 2500 characters on this post and if i did a detailed recap on week 6 i would have no words left to discuss the star selections for this week.  I will say that globally the only winners were the bookies and Vegas i mean Falcons giving 11 winning by 17 at half time and losing to the Dolphins, Broncos giving up 11 and losing to the giants and the bears getting 7 and winning on the flat……..well i called that one!!! There is nothing to be said on our own picks as the highest score between all 8 of us was 13.  I am putting it down to a mad week and lets just move on.

Anyway your all reading and tuning in to get the star selections for this week so you can make some money and with my record why wouldnt you. Lets get straight to it.


Denver Broncos (3-2) at Los Angeles Chargers (2-4)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Broncos away against one of the worst teams in the league the Chargers who always snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and yeah unbelievably the spread is only +1 to the visitor.  This makes absolutely no sense this week: The broncos are an elite superbowl contender and the san diego/LA who gives a fuck chargers are a bottom feeder. The Broncos are the better team, and they should be favored by at least three in this matchup. That’s my line, and I was shocked to see that the Chargers were favored. I cant really say any more about this matchup the better team is getting points so im all over it.

Broncos win 27-16

New Orleans Saints (3-2) at Green Bay Packers (4-2)

My 4 star selection is the Packers at  home to the saints and the only reason is the spread.  I sat and watched A…..Aron break his collar bone but the defense is still there and at home they are a phenomenal team.  The saints are coming off an impressive win but that was at home and the saints are a different offensive team on grass which is why i think this spread is absurd!!! Dont get me wrong i had this spread at -3 due to the Rodgers injury but -6 with there defense????????????? I reckon this will be a low scoring slug fest and close within a field goal.  I will be interested to see how Hundley does as he will have a full week of practice.

Saints win 24-21

Cincinnati Bengals (2-3) at Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2)

My 3 star selection is on the Bengals +5 away to the steelers. The Bengals are coming off a bye which has given them 2 weeks to prepare for this game.  These divisional games over the years are always close and with both QB’s regressing, both offenses not firing this will prove to be a low scoring slugfest. I again had this spread at -3 to the steelers so again im getting incredible value here going through 3 and 4 point numbers.  I actually give the Bengals a big chance in this matchup and i know the steelers beat the Chiefs last week but the Chiefs might not be the team that everyone thinks they are.  The Bengals pull the upset here and i think the matchup pretty well against the steelers.

Bengals win 19-16

Baltimore Ravens (3-3) at Minnesota Vikings (4-2)  
My 2 star selection this week is the Ravens at the Vikings.  I am by far convinced about this Viking team and although the Ravens are stuttering at the moment there defense is always there. Case keenum or even Bradford will be in for a long day with this team. The main players on the vikings offense are all injured so its a backup bonanza which i dont think will score many points this week. Four of Minnesota’s previous five offensive outputs have been 9, 7, 20 and 23 points.  The team should not be trusted to cover a spread of more than a field goal because of these limitations, unless it happens to be playing a pathetic opponent. YES Focus called for the bears to win on the flat last week against the Ravens but for the reasons outlined above im taking the Ravens who again i believe can and will pull the upset…………
Ravens win 24-16

Seattle Seahawks (3-2) at New York Giants (1-5)

Last but by no means least my 1 star selection is the Giants at home vs the Hawks. This should be a tight, defensive battle, as neither Seattle nor New York blocks well. The Giants have at least figured out a new trick with their offensive line coming of a surprising win vs the Broncos, and they’re playing with enthusiasm and nothing to lose. That’s always been when Eli Manning has been at his best.  Remember that superbowl win vs the patriots when he was down by 2 scores!!!!!!  That said, this can only be a 1 star selection for me as there offense has been descimated by injuries.  Their offense going up against Seattle’s defense just seems like a huge mismatch, and Russell Wilson could use his magic to win by the score of 16-6, or something. However, Seattle still seems to be overvalued and let me be honest the hawks are not the dominant force it was in the past.

Hawks win 17-14


Other notables are the Panthers -3, Cardinals and the Eagles.  Here comes the rant……..I dont know how i didnt get my 10 pointer this week as the chiefs were winning all the way and lost to a last second TD………….actually there was no time on the clock so i need to think of a new phrase maybe Fergi time in the NFL!!!!!!! Stay with me for a second: 4&11 with 33 seconds, 4&5 with 11 seconds, incomplete pass with no time FLAG by rule extended by 1 play, another incomplete pass but holding by the chiefs extended by one play again and with no time on the clock for now and the previous 4 plays they score a touchdown all the while up by 6 points!!!!!! For fuck sake.  Nothing on whatsapp about hard luck Focus or unlucky there, all i get is “if Focus pulls this one out of the bag” and how does he do it!!! No love but will be back on top this week.  Good luck coaches


WEEK 5 RECAP:  Well Focus did it again beating Chris in the process at the H2H!!! Focus nails 3 of his 5 no. star selections and comfortably i might add with those 3. Eagles win easily, Packers bounce back with a great come back and never once in the Jags game were they not covering the spread and won the game straight up. 60% right on the star selections for this week bringing my season average to 70.3………Phenomenal absolutely phenomenal. Other notables: Sean had a good week scoring 32 points (Decided not to bet Focus this week….good call!!!)  Eddie Cross and JP McCann record good weeks and everyone else well, well nuff said!!!.  Theres a lot of shit talk on whats app this week and i am releasing my bet of the season. I bet that Ace views an NFL game in Oslo before Ross gets to Bardons!!!!!!!!

Anyway your all reading and tuning in to get the star selections for this week so you can make some money and with my record why wouldnt you. Lets get straight to it.


Green Bay Packers (4-1) at Minnesota Vikings (3-2)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Packers away against one of the worst teams in the league the Vikings and yeah unbelievably the spread is only -3 to the visitor.  This makes absolutely no sense this week:  i mean the vikings struggled against the bears last week how are they going to cope with A….Aron: Answer they simply will not be able to contend this matchup with this superior opponent.  The packers are a real contender for the Superbow while the Vikings are fighting the bears to stay off bottom of the division. Put it this way if the Packers were -7.5 i would still take them!! This is going to be embarrasing for the home team.  The one bright spark from the Vikings this year well 2 is Case Keenum and Stefon Diggs but guess what Stefon is out and the coach looks like he is starting with the injured Sam Bradford again who had -1 yard of offense last week and went into the half 3-2 AGAINST THE BEARS!!!!!

Packers win 27-13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2) at Arizona Cardinals (2-3)

My 4 star selection is the Bucs away to the Cardinals.  I thought it might be possible that this would be my top play of the week but the Packers are so appealing at the moment. The Bucs are -2  which I think is absurd. I had them at -6 or even 7, meaning the spread is way off.  Fortunately, the Buccaneers are still only favored by two. That’s not nearly enough, however. I still have this spread at Buccaneers -7, and I think I might even be too low.  The Cardinals are one of the worst teams in the NFL. They can’t block, run the ball, throw deep, or stop the pass. Their quarterback is falling apart, while their head coach hasn’t been the same since his unfortunate illness. The Buccaneers, on the other hand, are a solid team. They’re seeking revenge and should be able to win this game quite easily. Plus, think about this spread this way: Had Tampa Bay not missed field goals and beat the Patriots on national TV last Thursday, what would this line be? Probably -7 or even -8, right?  Not only is there a colossal mismatch in talent that the spread doesn’t reflect appropriately, but the Buccaneers are coming off extra rest. They’ve had to think about their loss to the Patriots for a while, so they’ll come out angry.

Bucs win comfortably 33-16

Chicago Bears (1-4) at Baltimore Ravens (3-2)

My 3 star selection is on the bears +7 or even better way to put it its against the Ravens. Yes i am beratting the Bears in previous posts but defensivley there solid and will cause Flacco and Co a lot of problems.  This will be a field goal and punt fest tonight.  The QB for the bears Trubisky is growing with confidence every week and getting better. The Ravens on the other hand have been gifted there 3 victories this year and are no way a team that can give 7 points. That puts them on par with the Patriots, Falcons and Broncos……REALLY REALLY.  They are simply not that good and also the injuries seem to benefit the bears this week, Brandon Williams is indeed out, so Chicago will be able to establish the run. Also, Jimmy Smith will play, but it doesn’t sound as though he’s 100 percent. Smith is Baltimore’s top corner by a mile, so if he’s less effective, it’ll certainly help Mitchell Trubisky in his 2nd start who when played has not been beaten by the spread.  Now that there starting with Trubisky and have benched glennon this could be the upset of the week.

Bears win 20-16 UPSET OF THE WEEK!!!!!!

Los Angeles Rams (3-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2)
My 2 star selection this week is the LA Rams at the Jags.  Yes the Jags won in a blowout last week and the Rams lost to the Seahawks but if you watched both games one was a gift and the other was just plain lucky…ill let you guys figure which is which if you can but heres a clue there was a QB with 5 interceptions last week for the first time in his career including college!!!!! The Rams are the Superior team and how is Blake Bortles a favoured QB??????? I mean he could be the QB that throws a bunch of picks this week. He is not an elite QB by a long stretch.  The Jags were 32nd in Rush defense so Todd Gurley should have a big game which will open up the pass option for Jared Goff who is having a great season. Both of these teams are 3&2 but one is defenitely superior THE RAMS!!!!!!
Rams win 31-19

Miami Dolphins (2-2) at Atlanta Falcons (3-1)

Last but by no means least my 1 star selection is the Falcons at home vs the woeful Dolphins.  An 11-point spread might seem high for some, but I don’t think it’s high enough. The Dolphins are an abomination, as they can’t block whatsoever. The Falcons, meanwhile, will be getting back their significant players back from injury. Not only that, but they’ve had an entire week to think about their loss to Buffalo. Last year, Atlanta beat Arizona, 38-19, off its bye. I think the Falcons will treat the woeful Dolphins similarly.  I’ll be surprised if Miami is remotely competitive in this game.   Falcons win 35-13


Other notables are the niners to cover with the 10, Patriots to put the Jets away and the Giants.  I dont see the Giants getting to double figures this week well unless they score a defensive touchdown but i dont see the Broncos giving that sort of play up. This spread is exactly were it should be and reckon the Broncos win 20-6.  These selections are a no bet for me because the spreads are exactly were they should be giving no edge

4 Team Accum Patriots, Packers, Falcons and Bucs.  All to win by double figures and €300 returns over €1,200


WEEK 4 RECAP:  Well Focus did it again beating Cross in the process at the H2H!!! Focus nails 4 of his 5 star selections and comfortably i might add. Rams getting points win on the flat (as predicted), Eagles win easily, Titans bounce back and never once in the 49 game were they not covering the spread of 6 and honestly should have won the game straight up. 86.6% right on the star selections for this week bringing my season average back up to 80.3………Phenomenal absolutely phenomenal. Other notables: Cross had a good week but came up against Focus and well the story writes itself!!!!!!! If he had been up against any other coach he would have won better luck next week Cross. Ace was narrowly pipped by JP and the same for Sean vs Chris.  The tough one to call this week was Gary vs Ross because Ross “forgot” to do his picks.  Gary had a chance to win with only 50% of Ross’s score being counted……..it was close but Gary got over the line.  I lost a personel bet with ACE he was on the under 4.5 weeks for Ross forgetting to do his picks and won.  I dont get these kids nowadays!!!!!!! Anyway your all reading and tuning in to get the star selections for this week so you can make some money and with my record why wouldnt you. Lets get straight to it.


Baltimore Ravens (2-2) at Oakland Raiders (3-1)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Raiders at home against one of the worst teams in the league the Ravens and yeah unbelievably the spread is scratch.  This makes absolutely no sense this week, ive checked the injury reports and yes Derek Carr is out and E.J. Manuel will make his first start as a Raider.  Manuel had some bright moments last week, and he may have had a chance to beat Denver had Jared Cook not dropped the ball in the end zone on the penultimate drive of the game. I think the team will Rally around him and win comfortably.  The stadium hasnt fallen downand the coaches are healthy!!! I mean come on the Raiders have a far superior offense, quarterback (Even in this case today), run the ball really well and score truck loads of points.  We have a superbowl contender up against a team fighting against the browns not to finish last in there division!!!!! This is the easiest pick of the week as the spread should be Raiders -4.When picking this selection this week im taking into account how bad the Ravens are more than how good the Raiders are.

Raiders win 27-16

Arizona Cardinals (2-2) at Philadelphia Eagles (3-1)
My 4 Star selection is the Eagles and I don’t understand AGAIN why this spread is so low. It’s simple to understand the Eagles are great and an actual contender for the Superbowl and the Cardinals are a train wreck.  Arizona sucks plain and simple!!!!! The team hasn’t maintained a lead at the end of regulation yet this year. Their two wins were against the Colts and 49ers (at home, no less), both of which occurred in overtime. They lost by double digits to the Lions and Cowboys, and the Eagles are better than both of those teams. I still dont think the Eagles have hit there stride yet and this could be the week were they let loose at home vs a poor offensive, defensive etc etc etc. The Cardinals are especially bad against elite teams and based on the above and my own personel opinion Eagles win the battleof the birds.
Eagles win 31-14

Green Bay Packers (3-1) at Dallas Cowboys (2-2)

My 3 star selection for this week is the Packers amazingly getting points away to the most overrated team in the NFL the dallas Cowboys.  A…..A….Ron is going to have a break out game and beat the Cowboys on the flat and we dont need the extra points and heres why: all of their important players are set to return (both tackles, Mike Daniels, Davante Adams). Meanwhile, Sean Lee, the heart of the Dallas defense, has been declared out. This is a huge deal and im really happy with this selection i mean not only are the Packers more talented, but they’ve had more time to prepare for this matchup and like i said last week with the Rams (5 star selection week 4 vs Cowboys) the Cowboys are just a shadow of the team they were last year:

Packers win 30-20

Tennessee Titans (2-2) at Miami Dolphins (1-2)
My 2 star selection this week is the titans.  I had the spread at -7 or even -7.5 to the titans so when the spread got released i thought it was too good to be true. I know the titans were blown out last week but that is just one game and i still see them in the playoffs this season. The dolphins on the other hand are useless and Jay Cutler has been below par this year.  The titans will be looking for a big bounce back week and they have the perfect team to do it against (Other than the browns).  Ive checked the injury list and all elements are correct and ready. I dont get this spread and maybe my research is flawed but how are the titans only favoured by 3???????? HOW.HOW HOW. At this point i see the dolphins bottom of there division and the Jets beating them into 3rd place.  Anyway lets take advantage Titans beat the Fish.
Titans win 34-16

VSJacksonville Jaguars (2-2) at Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1)

This is the last but no means least of my top plays of the week for me. I like the Jaguars as there is a bit about them this year. The steelers are a bit of a mess and are lucky to be 3-1 at this point. Big Ben hasnt been at his best and being the gunslinger that he is his receivers have not been helping him out this year with a lot of dropped passes. The steelers are lucky that the Bengals and the Ravens are off this year and the Browns well nothing has changed there!!!!! Its also noted that the steelers have some injuries on there offensive line and the Jaguars have gotten to the QB consistently this year. Ben gets sacked today more than 5 times and i think 8 points now against the Jags with everthing i have said is way to much. I see bortles throwing a garbage time touchdown to cover the spread. Jags +8 all the way. They will most probably lose but cover through the back door. Steelers win 24-21

Other notables are the Bills, Vikings and chiefs.  Focus will have a perfect week this year and remember this is were i put my personal money. Get on the above as soon as possible.



WEEK 3 RECAP: Week 3 was the opposite of Week 2.  In Week 3, I hit two of my top three picks (Chiefs -3, Bears +7) and nearly nailed my other one (Lions +3), yet I lost almost everything else.  I finished in the black as 8 of my stars out of 15 came in which is still positive. My winning percentage has dropped from 84% to 72% for the season and am already top of the NFL ATS championship.  I would be H2H leader also but other coaches have had there best weeks vs me (Ross 33, Nigel 26 and Sean well actually that was a roll over) For all my followers out there Sean bet me €50 that week on the flat and by the end of the 6 o clock games i had already won even though my 10 and 8 pointer hadnt even played yet. I will have a big bounce back week and get back into the 20 if not 30 points.  Anyway straight onto the star selections for week 4

Los Angeles Rams (2-1) at Dallas Cowboys (2-1)

MY 5 Star selection for this week is the Rams getting 7 away to the cowboys.  This spread is way too high as before i looked at the spreads for this week I made this line Cowboys -3.  I think 2.5 might even be too much!  The fact is the cowboys are a shadow of the team they were last year and the rams are on the up and up.  With that in mind, this spread is 4.5 points off where it should be, and there are a couple of reasons for this. First the Dallas’ offensive line has regressed. The Cowboys’ blocking is very mediocre right now, and the Rams have a huge advantage in the trenches. Second, everyone still views the Rams as a horrible team. They’re average now. They have improved coaching and a quarterback who is gaining more and more confidence each week. They’ve held double-digit leads in the fourth quarter against two of their three opponents thus far, and their one loss was to the Redskins, who went on to demolish the Raiders on Sunday Night Football.

Furthermore, there’s a huge disparity between the amount of time these teams have had to prepare for this game. The Rams played last Thursday, so the extra days will definitely help. The Cowboys, meanwhile, have to get ready on a short week. I don’t know how focused Dallas will be, especially with an impending matchup against the Packers.

I absolutely love the Rams, and I will be betting 5 stars on them. This spread is just way off, as these teams are pretty close in talent despite what the public and TV analysts may think. The Rams may lose the game (maybe) but 7 points!!!! Look for the upset of the week here

Rams win 24-17 Infact a little bonus the under 49 points will cover by more than a touchdown.

Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) at Los Angeles Chargers (0-3)

This is the 2nd of my top plays of the week for me. I love the Eagles and hate the Chargers, so this is a 4 star selection.

I don’t understand how Philadelphia is an underdog. The Eagles are a top-10 NFL team, while the Chargers are horrible. Yes, horrible. They are losers. They’re the guy who doesn’t get asked out on a date, or the person always passed up for a promotion.  Most elite quarterbacks find ways to win…….this year the chargers well They just find ways to lose!!!!!!!

I just don’t see San Diego winning this game. And yes, San Diego. The Chargers are getting no support in Los Angeles, so I’m calling them the San Diego Chargers from now on. It’s so bad that there will almost certainly be more Eagles fans in the stands than Charger supporters. I’m only giving the Chargers just one point for being at home, so my line is Eagles -4.5. That’s way off of what the spread currently is, so I will once again be wagering big against San Diego.  I see the Eagles winning by double digits again and on a 1 point spread.

Eagles roll here 34-17

New Orleans Saints (1-2) vs. Miami Dolphins (1-1)
This game is very simple for me so im gonna keep it simple.  As i have always said give me an elite quarterback with less than a field goal spread against a mediocre team all day and twice on Sunday.  Well guess what the saints are my 3 point selection for this reason. The dolphins have not kicked off this year and the saints defense looked pretty good last week.  Low scoring game, Drew brees rolls here and the Saints win comfortably 20-0

Tennessee Titans (2-1) at Houston Texans (1-2)
Just because the Texans pushed the patriots all the way all of you will overreact and think that the texans have a good chance this week well you would be wrong and here’s why: Marcus Mariota will have more time in the pocket than Tom Brady enjoyed, and he’ll take advantage of it by finding open targets going up Houston’s secondary. The Texans have some shaky defensive backs starting for them. Meanwhile, the Titans should be able to run on the Texans with some success. The only potent ground game Houston has faced thus far was Jacksonville’s in Week 1, and Leonard Fournette gained 100 yards on the ground behind an offensive line that is far worse than Tennessee’s. Again i dont even see this as a tight affair as i see the titans winning by a touchdown or more.  Titans win 27-17


San Francisco 49ers (0-3) at Arizona Cardinals (1-2)

This spread is too high. The Cardinals can’t block whatsoever, so their offense is too inconsistent for them to be laying a touchdown against anyone, even at home. The 49ers, meanwhile, have been competitive ever since their opening-week loss to the Panthers. They nearly took down the Seahawks, and they had a late charge versus the Rams after falling behind early due to Hoyer’s pick-six.

The 49ers have had extra time to prepare for this game, while the Cardinals are playing on short rest. I think that’ll be beneficial for San Francisco, so I like the visitor to cover the spread and perhaps even pull the outright upset. I’m taking the 49ers for my single star selection. 49ers pull the upset and win 24-21


Other notables are the Colts & Giants.  Focus will have a perfect week this year and remember this is were i put my personal money. Get on the above as soon as possible.